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Stress Free furniture consignment at Great Road Vintage.

Consign your quality used furniture with Us! Why?

Because we make our consignment process easy

and stress-free!  Plus, we have a large customer base

searching daily for quality used furniture like yours.

How it works:

Step One: Simply send pictures via email, text, or

bring photos in-person on your phone. We're looking

for modern, cottage, and farmhouse style furniture

and decor in "ready to sell" condition.  Bureaus, dining

sets, coffee tables, bookcases, vintage and antique

paintings, and Oriental rugs plus many more items.

** Please send your name, town you live in, and a brief

description of your items. Please call the shop to make

sure we received your images.

email to:

text: (857)-272-1622


When can I bring my items?
Please call the store at 978-429-8322

to schedule an appointment.

Shop is closed Monday & Tuesday-

No Delivery on these days.

How long is the consignment?
Our consignment period is 60 days.

A 20% markdown applies after one month.

What percentage will I make?
You will get 50%-70%, depending on the

selling price of your item. You'll get 70%

on Antiques, Gold, Sterling Silver, and

paintings that are priced over $250.

What if my items don’t sell?

Please choose ONE of the following 2 options:
1. You are allowed to pick-up your items

from the shop during the last 10 days of

your consignment term. Call to make an

appointment before you come to pickup.

2. If you do NOT want your items back after

your 60 day consignment term ends your

items become the property of Great Road

Vintage. We will either donate or sell them

at a deep discount. You will not collect a

check from any sales after the consignment

period ends.


What we're looking for:

Antique and Used Furniture

Mid Century modern lamps

Mid Century modern chairs

Mid Century modern furniture

Quality Used furniture

American country furniture

Vintage Farmhouse furniture 


One-of-a-kind art

Mid century modern paintings

New England watercolor paintings

Abstract and modern art

New England landscape paintings

Hand made crafts

Antique and modern Etchings

Oriental Rugs

Vintage and antique Oriental rugs

Mid Century Modern rugs

Vintage Garden Accessories

Sterling Silver and costume Jewelry 



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